with a dry towel after swimming, and do several

with a dry towel after swimming, and do several

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Specific method: wet hair is very sensitive, gently pat the hair moisture with a towel and press it to dry. Be careful! If wet hair is rubbed or slapped hard, the stratum corneum will be injured, and you must not do so.

Through this educational theme class meeting, let students realize that swimming is not only a good fitness exercise, but also an important escape ability. Before swimming, not only bathing suits, swimming caps, swimming goggles and other equipment should be prepared, but also adequate warm-up exercises should be done to ensure the safety of launching. And do not swim or play in dangerous waters where there is a “danger of deep water, no playing” warning sign, but swim in a regular swimming pool. After swimming, you should also pay attention to health protection, dry the body with a dry towel after swimming, and do several relaxation exercises and limb massages to avoid muscle fatigue.

with a dry towel after swimming, and do several

If the car owner does not clean the wax after waxing, the wax mark can be removed by using a degumming agent. Spray the glue remover on the clean towel and wipe the wax mark on the car paint. Wait a few minutes for the degumming agent to react with the wax print, then you can wipe it off with a clean towel, and you will find that the wax print has become lighter (check the transaction price | match | preferential policy). The car owner can repeat this step to remove the wax marks until the wax marks are completely removed.

You can apply a hot towel to your face before using makeup remover. After the facial pores are opened, gently massage the face with makeup remover oil. Smear the makeup remover oil on the blackhead and massage it in a circle. After a few minutes, you will find that some particles are pushed out. Massage for about 20 minutes. Finally, clean it again with facial cleanser.

After giving birth to the daughter, the lips were dry and bleeding, and the milk rose. I applied hot compress with a hot towel and rubbed it while crying. My parents-in-law preferred sons over daughters. When I saw that I gave birth to a girl, my husband was busy at work. As soon as he came to the hospital, he was driven home by his mother-in-law.

It turns out that it is regular for children to lose their temper. I told him in advance to help him wash his face, and gently wipe him, he will be very cooperative. If I put the towel directly on his face, he will struggle.

If the scalded part is stuck, do not take it off hard, but carefully cut it with scissors while watering it. There are conditions at home to soak in cold water, it is best to soak the whole person in cold water. The wound should be well protected, covered with clean towels and conditionally covered with wet towels to relieve pain. Before being sent to the hospital, do not apply colored ointment, the doctor can judge the degree of burn according to the wound, if painted colored ointment, the doctor is difficult to judge, and cleaning is easy to cause secondary pain to the child.