series is from Greece, and the towel is a special

series is from Greece, and the towel is a special

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First of all, we need to prepare a basin, then we pour some water into the basin, and then we pour the right amount of white vinegar into the water, and prepare a bottle of toilet water, pour the toilet water into this basin and stir well. then we soak the towels that have just been prepared, soak the whole towel, after soaking, twist the towels to a semi-dry state, and then we can use the towels. So how to use it?

As soon as I enter the classroom every day, the first thing I do is to open the window for ventilation, do a good job in disinfecting towels and cups, and do all kinds of sanitary work. In peacetime, in order to let children develop good living habits, when washing, they can watch the order in time, pay attention to the safety of children, and give them the correct method of hand washing, even if it is cold, let children insist on washing their hands before and after meals; serve the children wholeheartedly. The happiness of the children is the encouragement to my work, the satisfaction of the parents, and the affirmation of my work.

The series is from Greece, and the towel is a special gift, featuring the god of the sea and beauty. The illustration style is modern and bold. Poseidon is portrayed as a captain and Aphrodite as a beach girl. The design is not printed on the fabric, but is woven in three tones to achieve more timeless and tactile results. Each towel is contained in a custom gift box with a text at the top telling the story of the two gods and their summer adventures.

2, when taking a bath, do not rub the skin hard, do not use soap, bath gel and other irritating liquids, can be gently washed with warm soft towels, can not swim, soak in hot springs. Do not stick adhesive tape on the skin of the radiation area, avoid hot and cold stimulation at the radiation site, and do not use ice bags and hot water bags. [1]

When hand injury occurs at work, hemostatic bandaging measures should be taken first. If you have a broken hand or limb, you should pick it up immediately, wrap it in a clean handkerchief, towel and cloth, put it in a plastic bag or rubber belt without cracks, and fasten the mouth of the bag tightly. Then put ice cream around the pocket to cool down. After the above treatment, the rescuers immediately sent the amputated limb to the hospital with the injured and asked the doctor to carry out replantation of the amputated limb. Remember never to apply iodine, alcohol or other disinfectant to the amputated limb. This will deteriorate the tissue and cells, resulting in a serious consequence that

The alarm sounded, and the children of each class, led by the teacher, quickly followed the evacuation route, covered their mouth and nose with a towel, bent down in a low position, and quickly, safely and orderly evacuated to the safe zone. The teachers of each class quickly maintained order and counted the number of people. And report to the person in charge.

series is from Greece, and the towel is a special