nose with upper arms or paper towel s and towels when

nose with upper arms or paper towel s and towels when

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Xiaoya also understands something at this time, desperately blocking the explanation and pulling, but the boyfriend is determined to come back. Her boyfriend ended up with everything she owned, including toothbrushes, towels and even a pair of unwashed socks, and she cried all night.

This product is more suitable for home use, for wet towels in the bathroom, or boots, scarves, etc., the core design points are: 1, hooks connected by universal balls and clips; 2, oval clip design.

Especially during the epidemic period of hand, foot and mouth disease, we more strictly implement the environmental hygiene system, insist on a small scan every day and a big sweep once a week, strictly implement the disinfection system, do a good job in daily disinfection and disease prevention and isolation, and disinfect tableware and towels every day. Ultraviolet disinfection is carried out in activity rooms and siesta rooms every day, and toys and books are disinfected regularly. In the season of frequent occurrence of infectious diseases in spring, our park strictly adopts isolation and disinfection measures, and the bedding is sunburned once a week and cleaned once a month. Our park continues to enhance the effectiveness and strength of the inspection.

Due to the dense population, the chance of these infectious diseases is high. Prevention and control is a necessary measure to maintain normal teaching order and protect the health of teachers and students. “in order to prevent and control infectious diseases in autumn and winter, we must first maintain good personal hygiene habits.” Guo Xin, chief physician of the School Health Center of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “during the epidemic prevention and control period, the health literacy of students, parents, teachers and other groups has been greatly improved.” In addition to wearing masks and good hand hygiene when going out, we also advocate washing hands before meals and before defecation, covering mouth and nose with upper arms or paper towels and towels when coughing or sneezing, and washing hands after coughing or sneezing. try to avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose, etc. ”

Taking a bath, for example, girls are more troublesome than boys. They always spend ten or even twenty minutes washing and wiping their hair. Boys are basically flat-headed, after washing a few times with a towel to dry, while girls wash their hair with a hair dryer. Short hair is OK to say, for girls with long hair, blow-drying basic arms will be useless.